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McLean 25lb Beef Bag

CODE: beefbag25

$331.95   $259.99

25lbs of premium dry aged beef in a McLean Beef personalized thermal bag.

10 lbs of Ground Beef

6 lbs of Steaks (Variety of Ribeye, T-Bone, New York, Sirloin or Flat Iron Steaks)

6 lbs of Specialty Items ( Variety of Fajita Meat, Deli Roast Beef, Polish Dogs or Hamburger Patties)

3 lbs of Roast (1Sirloin Tip, Rump or Chuck Roast)


*Steaks and Specialty Items vary based on availability but we guarantee 6lbs of premium beef in each category.

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Beef Brisket (7-8 lbs.)


$99.98   $86.99
In stock

If your serving a lot of people in the near future, then McLean Beef has the perfect cut of meat for you! Our Briskets provide a hearty piece of quality meat for all of your guests.

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Dry Aged New York Strip 10oz

CODE: Dry Aged New York Strip 10oz

$33.98   $20.99
In stock
There are many different names for this Dry-Aged Steak and this indicates its popularity. Depending on your location it will be called a Strip Steak, New York Strip, Kansas City Strip, or Top Loin. McLean Beef's New York Steak is a boneless cut that offers a tender melt-in-your mouth flavor.

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Dry Aged Ribeye 12oz Steaks

CODE: Ribeye 12oz

$35.98   $22.99
In stock
This Dry-Aged Ribeye is cut from the small end of the rib roast and it's about the most succulent steak money can buy. Excellent marbling gives the Ribeye its juicy, tender flavor.

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Dry Aged Sirloin 8oz Steaks

CODE: Sirloin 8oz Steaks

$16.78   $13.99
In stock
The hearty taste of Dry-Aged beef is yours with this Sirloin Steak. Quality Dry-Aging makes the beef you buy not only more tender, but also concentrates flavor and produces meat that is superior in taste and texture. This is a beef lover's steak, rich, red and meaty. Sirloin is probably the most flavorful steak you can buy.

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Dry Aged T-bones (16oz Steaks)

CODE: Dry aged T-bones

$43.98   $30.99
In stock
The Dry-Aged T-Bone is one of the tastiest steaks to ever come off the grill, offering the best of two worlds-the rich flavor of the strip and the tenderness of the beef tenderloin.

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Flat Iron (8 oz.)


$16.78   $12.99
In stock
This cut of meat was discovered and developed in our very own state: Nebraska! Along with Nebraska raised beef, McLean Beef's Flat Iron is truely a product of the heartland.